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If you’re tired of getting calls about discount SEO Services out of the Indian sub-continent, or if you have been left with a bad taste in your mouth because of failed historical attempts, then you’ve come to the right place.

Businesses no longer need to be convinced of the value or necessity of SEO Services, but the problem they now encounter, is finding the Service that can actually deliver.

Since 2007 Muller Consulting has been building a strong portfolio of SEO successes, and amassing a plethora of positive testimonials.

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(888) 880-1619

502 South Verdugo Drive Suite 200 Burbank, CA 91502

With over 30 employees, we have one of the largest teams in the online reputation management industry. We are proud to offer the expertise of our in-house social media experts, content writers, optimizers, and link builders. Our staff is ready to manage your reputation — we guarantee full satisfaction and results.

Every industry requires a different approach. With over 15 years of SEO experience and 10 years of reputation management experience, our company has worked with over 1200 clients from every industry.

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450 Geary St‎, San Francisco, CA 94102

Simply put we take the unwanted material about you that resides on page 1 of search engine results and we replace it with good and positive things about you or your business. The official name for this is “Online Reputation Management” and we create a NU Profile for you so your not tainted with something that was written on the internet about you that might not even be true.

A review or website that says something negative about your business or personal life can cause serious damage. Online, your reputation is everything! Trust, credibility, the value you offer – these things are essential on the World Wide Web.

One negative review or website can destroy the trust you’ve spent years building and drive away thousands of potential customers. It can even cost you a future job. Any smart individual will Google you or your company before engaging in any business with you.


888 667 1113

3625 S Town Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135

With multiple attorneys with experience as journalists and communications professionals, RLG understands defamation law.


Defending defamation suits is one of our areas of greatest involvement. We defend defamation suits nationwide, and have handled some high-profile defamation defense cases. In 2013, the firm successfully lobbied the Nevada legislature to pass an Anti-SLAPP statute, bringing Nevada to the forefront of efforts to protect free expression from its greatest threat — thin skinned individuals with too much money to burn and ethically flexible attorneys.

We are not absolutists — we agree that sometimes someone may lie about another, causing real reputational harm deserving of redress. However, we believe that more than 75% of the defamation suits filed nationwide are unjust and a blight on a nation that is supposed to be committed to wide-open and robust debate.

If you are a defamation defendant, chances are, we would love to defend you.


While we primarily defend defamation cases, we are willing to consider select plaintiff’s cases. For example, we filed a case against revenge porn operator Hunter Moore. We believed that it was the right thing to do.

We often consult with plaintiff’s counsel in defamation cases — helping them to understand the weaknesses in their cases, and helping them to seek compensation for their clients’ damaged reputations, without running afoul of the First Amendment.