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Defamed – A Global Team of Experts Dedicated to Removing Defamation. We are a team of 20+ anti-defamation specialists brought together from around the world. They include:

• Rehabilitated Hackers • SEO Professionals
• Forensic Investigators • Cyber-law Experts

Who We Help

We mainly serve corporations, small business, and celebrity clients. Public relations and online reputation management firms also turn to us when they need our expertise to remove slander and Internet defamation.

What We Do For You

Restoring your good reputation is our calling. We do it by pulling out all the stops, using every method at our disposal within the bounds of the law to remove slander and get rid of defamatory content that may be harming you. Not just pushing it down in the rankings. But getting rid of it.


Confidentiality — yours and ours — is a priority here because of the nature of the work. Your information is protected and we will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your peace of mind.


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WRM is the leading reputation management company in the world, specializing in internet reputation repair and proactive reputation campaigns. Otherwise known as online reputation management (ORM), or internet reputation management. We are seasoned veterans when it comes to search engine optimization and content creation, which is why our clients receive the strongest results in the quickest amount of time.

With WRM, you are in good hands, we’ve been helping our clients with content development and search engine optimization since 1996. Working with individuals, small, medium, and large businesses, fortune 100 companies, and more. Our goal is to help you repair or preserve your online reputation using our proven SEO techniques. We can displace negative reviews and comments about you in the search engine result pages with our techniques and help you take control of the search engine result pages (SERP). The bottom line is that we know how to get the job done!


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With over 30 employees, we have one of the largest teams in the online reputation management industry. We are proud to offer the expertise of our in-house social media experts, content writers, optimizers, and link builders. Our staff is ready to manage your reputation — we guarantee full satisfaction and results.


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What makes different from our competitors is that we attempt a REMOVAL as the FIRST option EVERY time. Anyone can suppress and bury, but a full REMOVAL is always best, and we try our hardest to get full removals whenever possible – Jake Lawson – CEO & President


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Monday to Friday (From 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM)

Whether you are an individual, small business owner or a major corporation, we have a program for you.

We serve just about anyone that may need reputation management services, including: business owners, private or public corporations, hospitality industry, financial industry, medical professionals such as doctors and dentists and even individuals.

Every industry requires a different approach. With over 15 years of SEO experience and 10 years of reputation management experience, our company has worked with over 1200 clients from every industry.


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Monday to Friday (From 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM) was founded in 2008 and was one of the first Reputation Management companies to offer Negative Link Suppression. As a matter of fact we wrote the actual textbook that has given rise to the entire industry – How to Fight Google and Win (Raegan Publishing).

We were the first Reputation Management Company to cause Google to change its Algorithm in 2010 in order to slow the precision placement of the website we wanted at the top of their search engine. Recently we were cited in the New York Times coverage of the mugshot industry for our ability to remove our clients from mugshot websites, and keep them off.

Our philosophy is the same today as it was when we first published our website “Whatever it takes to protect our clients from the internet, we must protect them.”


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Based in California’s Silicon Valley with additional offices in New York, Arizona, and the UK, is the world’s leading provider of online reputation products and services. We have millions of users from more than 100 countries around the world, and we’ve been featured in over 400 leading publications globally, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Economist. We’re also funded by the same top-tier venture capital firms that backed Skype, Intuit, Symantec, and Seagate.

To support our work, we’ve assembled a world-class team of engineers, researchers, and an award-winning customer service staff. Our patented technology helps you understand your online reputation and gives you the tools to monitor, manage, and secure your information on the Internet.


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We know how to get the results you want and are constantly monitoring industry trends and shifts. Your Inoculation Campaigns will benefit from years of knowledge and experience, not trial-and-error guesswork. All work is checked for high quality and summarized in easy-to-read Monthly Reports.

We gear our Inoculation services toward high-profile businesses and individuals, though the same principles and techniques can be applied to organizations and persons with less “keyword competition.”

We constantly check the progress of our work by analyzing Search Engine Rankings for the keyphrases we are Inoculating and report the progress to you on a continual basis. Repairing an online reputation takes continuous effort; the desired effect is a set of sustained results, not just quick fixes that lose traction once the contract terms have been fulfilled. Inoculation combines several proven, cutting-edge techniques that will keep your online reputation clean for years, not just weeks or days.


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Want to be protected from unnecessary online attacks, cyber-bullying and malicious activities? If the negative searches are haunting you, bad-written blogs are offending your identity, loose remarks on the web are causing a threat to your image, then our Individual protection plan can help you. A substandard online appearance can affect you terribly, so taking an action on time to repair your negative reputation can save you.

We have custom solutions for those, whose reputation has suffered a major setback online. Our reputation management services involve strategic planning and vigorous actions of our dedicated team of professionals. Your reputation online is very sensitive, on the web, any ill statement about you can harm your online reputation massively. We often come across clients, who seek solutions for online problems like: Remove my name from the defamatory allegations, remove my mugshot, remove ripoff report, and we say, remove your tension and be rest assured.


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Monday to Friday (From 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM) is an online reputation management company. We allow you to easily assert your rights using our document and delivery services. Our goal is to provide immediate and effective relief for individuals and businesses who have been infringed upon by inaccurate, untrue or false information appearing on the Internet.

Our only goal, is to help you control what is being said about you or your business. We are passionate and tenacious about our business and your reputation! was founded on the assumption of a basic right. Everyone should have reasonable means by which to control the accuracy of personal and business related content on the Internet.


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In some industries, as much as 70% of prospective customers do an online search on a company as part of their decision before buying. Negative reviews can have a major impact on sales – for some companies it can costs hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. The whole way reviews are currently set up on the internet, and the huge impact they can have is quite unfair to businesses and individuals. Ninety-nine percent of your customers could have a positive experience, but they are unlikely to post reviews. A few (possibly unreasonable) clients post damaging content and it makes your reputation appear far worse than it is.

Most Online Reputation Management companies offer to remove negative content, but when you press them on what that entails, you’ll learn what they really mean is they will do “reverse SEO” to try to hide or push down your complaints to the second page of a search engine. This is often a bad use of time and funds. First, even if successful, the complaints still exist and will be found by a percentage of people who look for you – even if it’s a smaller percentage. Secondly, search engines change their algorithm all the time, and there is no guarantee that these complaints won’t be right back up on the first page for your brand name within a few months (if they even succeeded in the first place). You’ll be dealing with these issues forever.


Platinum Reputations is a boutique consulting firm for your personal and business branding needs.

What do we do? We help Businesses and Individuals improve their online reputations.

How do we do it? A full team of legal, search experts and computer science engineers creates a strategic plan of action for each client.

Our specialties are online Damage Control, niche business/industry brand solutions, mitigation.