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Lawyers with defamation experience can assist victims who have been defamed as well as those who have been accused of defamation. Internet defamation attorneys know how to get libelous, negative content removed from the Web. If an upset competitor, client, anonymous blogger or person defames you online, in print or via email, text message or video, our providers can help restore your good reputation.

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Defamation is nothing new. People have made untrue, hurtful comments since humans developed language. However, our age of computers, the Internet and social media has made it easier and quicker than ever to spread damaging lies. Since 1980, The Law Office of Jeremiah A. Denton III has defended the victims of defamation in communities throughout Virginia Beach. Our lawyers have remained current on the ever-evolving laws that affect the rights of Internet users and the individuals who become the subjects of statements delivered in this method.

When online postings cross the line from free speech to defamation

Internet discourse presents the challenge of balancing the rights of individuals to be free from unwarranted attacks with the rights of online writers to Constitutional protection. Although defamation is not protected speech, distinguishing when the language crosses the line from First Amendment territory into defamation requires complex analysis and interpretation.

We have substantial experience proving that the offending statements fall outside the scope of the First Amendment. When the forum where the statements were posted claims to be a media outlet, our Virginia media defamation attorneys hold them accountable under the laws governing news sources, Internet usage, slander and libel.



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Hunton & Williams LLP has the knowledge and experience necessary to represent clients in the assessment, investigation and litigation of matters arising from information security and data breach incidents, and the management, use and protection of personal, financial, and health information.
Since 2003, when California’s security breach notification law became effective, we have assisted our clients with more than 900 data breaches worldwide. We assist our clients with every aspect of an information security event, including (i) directing incident investigations; (ii) retaining and overseeing cybersecurity consultants; (iii) mitigating the financial loss or loss of confidential information and data; (iv) coordinating notification to affected individuals; (v) establishing relationships with credit bureaus; (vi) setting up call centers and training call center personnel; (vii) negotiating with the payment card brands; (viii) preparing for litigation, including advising on retention obligations; (ix) engaging with law enforcement officials and other government (federal and state) regulators; and (x) defending resulting enforcement actions and litigation.



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There is a fine line between protected expression and actionable Internet defamation (also known as libel or, in some instances, trade libel). Kronenberger Rosenfeld understands the difference and what to do about the latter when it threatens the hard-earned reputation of your business.

From trade libel to “gripe sites,” we use our Internet defamation experience to get decisive results for our clients.


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HopkinsWay PLLC, 7900 E Union Ave, Denver, CO, United States

Our firm litigates defamation, trade libel, trade secrets, and invasion of privacy claims for plaintiffs in Arizona’s and Colorado’s state and federal courts. We are here to help our clients protect their reputations, their careers, their brands, their goodwill, and their privacy. We use legal tools to hold people or businesses accountable when they harm our clients.


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1818 Library Street, Reston, VA, United States

BerlikLaw is a results-driven, AV-rated law firm specializing in business litigation, defamation law, and the resolution of business disputes. Located in Reston and with additional client meeting locations throughout Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, the firm handles complex commercial litigation, libel and slander issues, intellectual property disputes, non-compete claims, business torts, and all forms of civil litigation. The firm offers counseling and advice on ways to avoid litigation, including innovative legal solutions and strategies, but when your business is left with no reasonable alternative but to pursue or defend litigation or arbitration, BerlikLaw is the firm you want in your corner.


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400 Oceangate, Eighth Floor Long Beach CA 90802

Michael Cernyar was a computer / forensic analyst for more than 20 years. In addition, he has been practicing law for more than 10 years. He is an Internet attorney with a strong forensics background. No one is more knowledgeable in Internet forensics & the law.


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3625 S Town Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89135

With multiple attorneys with experience as journalists and communications professionals, RLG understands defamation law.


Defending defamation suits is one of our areas of greatest involvement. We defend defamation suits nationwide, and have handled some high-profile defamation defense cases. In 2013, the firm successfully lobbied the Nevada legislature to pass an Anti-SLAPP statute, bringing Nevada to the forefront of efforts to protect free expression from its greatest threat — thin skinned individuals with too much money to burn and ethically flexible attorneys.

We are not absolutists — we agree that sometimes someone may lie about another, causing real reputational harm deserving of redress. However, we believe that more than 75% of the defamation suits filed nationwide are unjust and a blight on a nation that is supposed to be committed to wide-open and robust debate.

If you are a defamation defendant, chances are, we would love to defend you.


While we primarily defend defamation cases, we are willing to consider select plaintiff’s cases. For example, we filed a case against revenge porn operator Hunter Moore. We believed that it was the right thing to do.

We often consult with plaintiff’s counsel in defamation cases — helping them to understand the weaknesses in their cases, and helping them to seek compensation for their clients’ damaged reputations, without running afoul of the First Amendment.


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1450 Broadway, 35th Floor New York, NY 10018

The Internet Defamation Attorney and Free Speech Lawyer

Should you require the services of an experienced Internet defamation attorney, Hinch Newman focuses on issues pertaining to Internet defamation and trade libel, where our primary goal is to have the unlawful material swiftly removed from the relevant website and avoid litigation.

The majority of these personal and professional attacks upon the reputation and good-will of an individual or a legitimate business are “anonymous” in nature, using anonymous e-mail addresses or screen names, and made with the intention of evading identification by their victim, and thus, liability. Adding further complexity, pursuant to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Internet Service Providers are generally not liable for the defamatory comments of its users. Despite the fact that most Internet Service Providers refuse to remove libelous user-generated content, Internet anonymity does not render the end-user, or “publisher,” immune from prosecution.

Hinch Newman has vast experience and specializes in successfully resolving Internet defamation and online reputation issues for both speakers and victims of online defamation. In fact, we have had numerous posts containing defamatory, false, or misleading comments “voluntarily” removed by the website owner or “anonymous” poster, without the need to resort to formal litigation. Our successes include having defamatory allegations removed from several social media websites, review-based websites, consumer complaint-based websites and blogs (on-shore and off-shore), private blogs, message boards, and even Internet-based newspaper blogs/postings.

We are skilled Internet defamation attorneys and online libel lawyers – specializing in quickly locating and identifying “anonymous” infringers through the analysis of complex electronic data and use of digital forensic resources. When necessary, we can protect your reputation through the expeditious initiation of litigation seeking damages and attorneys’ fees, and subpoena the relevant Internet Service Provider to provide information revealing the identity of the “anonymous” cyber-attacker. Hinch Newman LLP also offers online reputation management tactics in response to Internet defamation with the goal of combatting attacks on your online reputation and goodwill.
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Legalsophia represents the very best of the Internet Marketing Industry. With our emphasis on quality and long-term results we offer an exceptional record of search engine optimization (SEO) success for our clients in personal injury law, divorce law, and other types of legal specialization.

Legalsophia‘s portfolio of highly successful organic SEO campaigns earns millions of dollars in caseload results. Our proven holistic approach to SEO begins with quality writing, industry and keyword research, competition analysis and the creation of complex social media and custom blog networks that optimize every aspect of a firm’s online identity and attract high quality potential new cases to our client websites.


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Avvo was founded in Seattle, Washington by tech-savvy lawyer Mark Britton to make legal easier and help people find a lawyer.We believe that more information helps you make better decisions. At Avvo, we provide you with detailed information on lawyers and legal issues so that you can make the choices that are right for you.

Imagine having nearly every licensed lawyer in the US right at your fingertips, the moment you need help. Avvo has that, plus detailed profiles, client reviews, and the Avvo Rating.



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Who will you turn to when you are the victim of Internet slander, cyber libel, or online character defamation? Our firm has a proven Internet law record and has been involved in groundbreaking Internet law cases. Domingo J. Rivera, Esq., has extensive qualifications as an Internet defamation lawyer, including a background in computer engineering and an MBA. Mr. Rivera has had significant experience as lead counsel in civil and criminal cases on the state and federal level. Jacqueline Chiang, Esq., has been practicing Internet law with our firm since 2009. Our technology-savvy attorneys have significant experience and qualifications few other defamation lawyers have.


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Smith Freed & Eberhard, P.C. is a regional litigation defense firm in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. The firm is known for creative solutions that achieve favorable results for their clients. Attorneys at the firm are consistently recognized by Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, and Martindale Hubbell, as being top-ranked trial lawyers.

The attorneys at Smith Freed & Eberhard are dedicated, energetic advocates who always look for the right solution to our clients’ problems, and the most efficient manner of solving them. We attempt to resolve cases at the earliest point possible, by settlement or by using alternative means of resolution; but we realize that not all cases can be resolved outside of the courtroom. Our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to represent our clients in the courts when necessary.