The mugshot website also pulls in mugshot searches from and is contains a large database of online mugshots. This website appears to be run by a company called US Support LLC.

Please view the providers below as they have exhibited experience in removing the content from online Mugshot sites.



boca raton, florida submits licensing applications for *permanent unpublishing, permanent publishing and **content editing of arrest records and mugshots from The Database (Licensor), the same database which powers the website. If an application for licensing permanent unpublishing, permanent publishing or editing is not accepted, a full 100% refund will be granted.


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What makes different from our competitors is that we attempt a REMOVAL as the FIRST option EVERY time. Anyone can suppress and bury, but a full REMOVAL is always best, and we try our hardest to get full removals whenever possible – Jake Lawson – CEO & President


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Monday to Friday (From 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM) is a cutting edge technology firm that specializes in mugshot and arrest information removal from the Internet. We are a third party provider not affiliated with any mugshot or arrest websites. If you or someone you know is having a problem on the Internet because of an arrest record appearing with a mugshot picture online, we can help. We will remove and suppress the entire result from the Internet including the picture, URL, and all pertinent information about the arrest where your mugshot listing is showing up. It will be completely suppressed and no one will see if again.


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Monday to Friday (From 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM) was founded in 2008 and was one of the first Reputation Management companies to offer Negative Link Suppression. As a matter of fact we wrote the actual textbook that has given rise to the entire industry – How to Fight Google and Win (Raegan Publishing).

We were the first Reputation Management Company to cause Google to change its Algorithm in 2010 in order to slow the precision placement of the website we wanted at the top of their search engine. Recently we were cited in the New York Times coverage of the mugshot industry for our ability to remove our clients from mugshot websites, and keep them off.

Our philosophy is the same today as it was when we first published our website “Whatever it takes to protect our clients from the internet, we must protect them.”


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